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[Major City] Alne

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[Major City] Alne Fz5ucep


Alne, also known as Central Capital "Alne" , was the largest city at the base of the World Tree in ALfheim Online and the capital city of Alfheim, until Yggdrasil City was established. It is known to be a neutral city and, even after the establishment of Yggdrasil City, acts as a main raiding base for the advanced dungeons on the Alne plateau as well as the central trading market for all races.

Due to its size, this city has been divided into five zones: North, South, West, East, and Central. The World Tree's Dome located in the Central Zone. The city also holds four dungeons located to the north, south, east and west of the city, with their deepest floors having stairs leading to ALO's most difficult dungeon, Jötunheimr. There is also a secret alley, which is not shown on the map, that leads to a locked wooden door, which can only be opened with a certain key, obtained after escaping Jötunheimr through said door. The door leads to a staircase leading to Jötunheimr.

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