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Battle System «Player vs. Player»

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Battle System «Player vs. Player»

1. Starting a PVP Battle

All of the Fighting Threads will be done in the «PVP Arena», as there is one for each type of Role Playing Environment (SAO, GGO, ALO). Thus, this is the appropriate zone in which Players can organize Battles between themselves.

Before starting a thread in that particular section, both players must agree upon it. Those who will participate in the RP Battle shall be named at the beginning, so there won’t be any surprises along the way. Therefore, the Player is allowed to create the thread within that section only after he asked and received the Opponent’s permission.

2. One post at a time

Yes, the fighting will be done with one post at a time, also you are not allowed to attack on the first post of the thread. That is mostly used to express the environment around you, the area etc. (if you wish to do so)

3. Deciding the Outcome.

You all must agree that this is the absolutely hardest part, though you’ll be the ones to decide the outcome. If both of you wish to be victorious then the best result might be to both agree upon a Draw.

4. Characters Death.

When a Character dies, the Account shall be Locked.

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