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«Getting Started Guide»

«Character Creation»
In order to start roleplaying on this forum, a player must first Create a Character for their profile, though beware as you are allowed only One Character per Account.

There is a Character Template provided in each section, so please do read that and copy the code from which you can build the Character upon.

After your Character has been approved you are now allowed to start role playing, by either creating your own thread or joining a existing one.

«Starting a Role Play»
Please use the following format when creating a New Thread.

[OP-F1] “Name of Thread” => In this case OP = Open Party, thus everyone is allowed to join.

[PP-F1] “Name of Thread” => In this case PP = Private Party, thus only those who you invite may enter, or those who ask for your permission.

[SP-F1] “Name of Thread” => In this case SP = Solo Party, no one is allowed to be in this thread besides you, this can mostly be used for personal character development.

F1 = means “Floor 1” => thus when creating a thread please specify in that format on which Floor is the story being developed.

Example of Thread Name: [OP-F1] Hunting a pack of boars!

ATTENTION! One may not role play on a Floor which has not yet been opened!

«Leveling Up»
Leveling is based on Posts Count and not Word Count, thus the more you post the more Experience you gain. Levels do not mean absolute power, since there are other factors which influence this category, things such as Skills, Items, Training etc.

«Battle System»
When it comes to creating a thread and fighting against mobs (monsters) please do keep in mind that your character isn’t a god. The fighting scenes are limited only by your imagination, though please do keep in mind that even though Sword Art Online is a MMORPG, your character will still suffer from tiredness and other kind of factors which might hinder the “awesomeness” of your character. Please keep the roleplaying realistic and not too far-stretched.

«Player vs. Player»
Every Role Playing Environment contains a certain section called «PVP ARENA», where people who agree upon fighting shall use that section for its specific purpose.

Battles as of now are free form, T1 or so called paragraph based.

Free form battles are those in which players fight by taking turns, one post per player. The system “auto-hitting” is not allowed under any kind of circumstance. It doesn’t matter what type of attack you decided to use against your opponent, because he will have the freedom of choosing between getting hit or evading that attack. Though, please do keep it somehow realistic as you do not have a 100% evade chance, nor you do not possess a 100% hit chance.

«Quests / Events»
Quests are persistent, thus they can be done whenever the player wishes to obtain it.

Events are mostly Random and they have a deadline, thus Players are allowed to do these only in a certain amount of time.

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